Jeff Cunningham
"The Poems Stuck in My Teeth"

(State of Mind Recordings 2004)Jeff Cunningham - The Poems Stuck in My Teeth

On his solo project from his day job band, Solidarity Pact, guitarist Jeff Cunningham takes a little bit of time to get in touch with his inner and uber folky self with "The Poems Stuck in My Teeth."

Tracks such as "Yo, Teen Years or Beam Years?" exhibit some sugary gaiety in the melodies whereas "I Mean...I Guess That's Life Buddy" shows the listener that some of his songs are more in-depth some of the others. "These Songs Are Crutches" meanders on more of the ho-hum side of the album along with some characteristics of the 90s alt-rock boom and sounds like it could have been unearthed from the vaults of the old MTV show 120 Minutes. But Cunningham shows his knack for becoming somewhat sonically rustic on the catchy Americana twang on "The Greatest Lie Tonight."

With artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Devandra Banhart, Bright Eyes, etc. popping up from just about every which corner, it seems as if the artists in the neo-indie singer/songwriter movement come along for a dime a dozen. "The Poems Stuck in My Teeth" may not be a breakout album per se for Cunningham, but the delivery of his singing shows a more intricate side to him which gives him the potential to be on the path to a promising career.