Joseph Arthur And The Lonely Astronauts
"Let's Just Be"

(Lonely Astronaut Records 2007)Joseph Arthur And The Lonely Astronauts - Let\'s Just Be

Part inspired indie singer/songwriter and part psychedelic experimenter, Joseph Arthur will certainly keep you guessing. His sixth studio album (and first with new band The Lonely Astronauts), "Let's Just Be," is no different. The album hops, skips and jumps around as Arthur indulges himself with breezy melodies and reiterated sounds. Those with patience and a taste for the untamed will surely find much in Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts to be fond of.

The rhythms that flow throughout "Let's Just Be" are the kind that you feel in your bones and resonate in your soul. Setting the stage with whooping and handclaps, the album's title track offers an upbeat groove while the laid back "Diamond Ring" and the harder edge of "Cocaine Feet" offer a real rock 'n' roll feel. On "Good Life" the music fades in and out as the track merges goofy with avant-garde before Arthur steps out with a swagger on "Cockteeze," while he adds shrill falsetto vocals. Although he may be overconfident on some tracks, the gentle ballad "Lack A Vision" sees a humbled Arthur singing, "I love you and I always will/I want to come back home/Can I come back home? Can I come back home?" Elsewhere, the psychedelic sitar raga of "Star Song" brings the album full circle with its trancelike melody.

Singles be damned, "Let's Just Be" simply is. With rich nuggets found here and there throughout the album, Joseph Arthur leads listeners on an entertaining hunt. But one thing has to be said for Arthur. He always seems to know exactly where he is going with the songs on "Let's Just Be" and merely asks for your blind faith.


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