Josh Lederman y Los Diablos
"The Town's Old Fair"

(Nine Mile Records/Coffee Stain Music 2003)Josh Lederman y Los Diablos - The Town\'s Old Fair

Adding a folk and country sound to indie rock, Josh Lederman y Los Diablos and an army of instruments offer a feeling of familiarity with their unassuming sound. With a variety of sounds from rolling and upbeat to simple acoustic and vocals, "The Town's Old Fair" blends well to create a whole package effect, with the repetition of certain sounds working as the glue.

Upbeat and up tempo songs like "The Town's Old Fair" and "Forty Days" let you imagine the band bringing a town together, providing toe tapping music for the fair. A slow, heavy drum beat punctuates the wallowing in self pity of "I've Been Down So Long" before a smooth ragtime horns solo. Lederman y Los Diablos reveal a gentle country sound for "Down The Fire Escape," twinkling with guitar, and a tale of promiscuity on the upbeat "Fishs Eddy."

The band has high energy when they want. The relatively unique "Palinka" is a fun instrumental that dips a toe into world music while "The Olive Tree" keeps the momentum with a rollicking, hand clapping tune. "The Town's Old Fair" comes to a close with a few low key, mostly acoustic, numbers such as the smartly simple "Virginia" and the bubbly "Listen To That Train Whistle Blow."

Safely middle of the road, Lederman's dry vocals and verbose lyrics tell tale after tale on "The Town's Old Fair," never seeming to tire. Full, sometimes diverse, instrumentation throughout the album keeps things interesting, even giving a special charm to slow and simple.


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