Julie Ocean
"Long Gone and Nearly There"

(Transit of Venus Records 2008)Julie Ocean - Long Gone and Nearly There

Taking their name from the nostalgic title of the classic 1981 single of the Undertones, Julie Ocean is almost reminiscent of The Ramones. Refreshingly up tempo, almost giddy, the lyrics are entertaining with bebop harmonizing in a retro sounding way. Mostly clean guitar with just a hint of distortion sprinkled in here and there, the only indication which points to Jim Spellman's Velocity Girl roots. This album is mostly melodic two part harmonies, a little bit bubble gum and a whole lot of power pop.

"Long Gone and Nearly There" is a quick twenty five minutes of vintage '50s sounds with a '90s power pop flair. Upbeat and catchy, these tunes seem perfect for a beach party, frat party or a dance party. Julie Ocean's catchy music, almost simplistically charming, moves along well, in a breathless, fast paced, Beach Boys sounding way from "Ten Lonely Words" to "At the Appointed Hour" to "Here Comes Danny" to the final cut, "Looking at Me/Looking At You."

Julie Ocean's first album is a lot of fun to listen to with all light hearted power pop tunes that bounce along. Lots of do-wops and big round ahs done in a way that is refreshing, enjoyable and just in time for light hearted summer events when there are not enough minutes in the day to enjoy the things and people we love.


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