Kate Voegele
"The Other Side"

(Self-Released 2003)Kate Voegele - The Other Side

Joining the seeming legions of younger female pop singer-songwriters, Kate Voegele is giving her best shot at standing out in the crowd. Voegele's five-track EP is pop with equal parts rock and alt country. But it's Voegele's voice that could show some more variance. Because if one thing is for sure, it is that it is an uphill battle to get noticed.

Friendly and upbeat, Kate Voegele opens with "Top of the World," a reserved pop rock number. "The Other Side" has a familiar sound and a chorus with a catchy melody that is softly blended. Strings swell on "Monday Rain," simple and graceful, as Voegele's voice matches the ballad. "Only Fooling Myself" could, perhaps, be considered alternative pop country as instruments twinkle on the chorus and make up for the song's bland verses. Gentle and upbeat, "Where the Sidewalk Cracks" shows more confidence and possibility.

Voegele needs to loosen up and abandon some inhibitions. Her ability for writing pop songs is there but her voice sometimes fights against the easily blended instrumental melodies. Sometimes the best results occur when you do not try so hard.


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