Kat Terran
"Lion & Blue"

(Little Roar Records 2002)Kat Terran - Lion & Blue

Sounding like part folk rock and part traditional music, Kat Terran's "Lion & Blue" is eleven song of nicely blended, intricate music as Terran's vocals "“ which sound like a mix of every female singer/songwriter with a guitar or piano since the early '90s -- grab your ear as she sings you story after story. Think of the female version of a solo Mark Lanegan -- sometimes gloomy, sometimes presenting nice melodies and sometimes just acoustic guitar and vocals.

Terran's shrill-less voice is easy and enjoyable to listen to; she knows her range and doesn't exceed those boundaries in her familiar sounding songs. Opening with the folk sounding "Aspen Tree," Terran's sound and style is just right and not a bit overdone while the blending of the more up tempo "Curious Girl" makes it an interesting and enjoyable listen. Offering semi-gloomy yet appealing melodies of "Baltic Soldier," Terran follows the song up with the familiar and poignant "Iris." The edge of "Boa Constricter" stands out even more being sandwiched between "Southeast Window," an album stand out that is a stripped down song with a catchy, more up beat, guitar part during the chorus and the slow, string accompanied tale of "Three Friends." Terran's vocals almost seem to be drowned by the more instrumentally involved sound on "Dolls," similar to on "The Sea" where there is so much going on behind her yet Terran's vocals stay relatively simple. "Lion & Blue" ends on a much simpler note with the stripped down acoustic and vocals of "Daydream in the Afternoon."

While "Lion & Blue" isn't very diverse in its sound -- there are a few guitar and vocals, a few more intricate songs and the more folk-sounding songs -- it maintains a focused center. And although "Lion & Blue" isn't immediately catchy, her songs don't need terribly catchy hooks that will get stuck in your head. Instead, her songs are an easy and relaxing listen.


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