Kenny Schick

(Self-Released 2007)Kenny Schick - Under

Clearly a change in scenery did wonders for Kenny Schick. The musician spent the better part of a year in Australia to meet a girl he -- get this -- met on MySpace. Oh, boy. But you might be surprised by the music that his new muse has inspired. Judging by the acoustic folk soaked in sunny melodies and serious rhythms, Australia was very good to him. Stepping slowly away from his Basement 3 moniker and letting himself be cast more fully in the spotlight, the timing could not be any better given the lightly refreshing and back to basics sounds of "Under."

Schick remains focused and intense on "Under," but never to the point of being overbearing. The lively but still folksy feel of "Bottom of the World" rides in with a subtle confidence. The layered rhythms on a cover of Gillian Welch's "Revelator" are driven by the song's instrumental portions for perhaps the album's most focused and intimate sound. Twangy guitar stands out over the soft melody that draws itself out over pattered percussion on "Ghost" while a bluesy minimalism slowly propels "Opposite" without any rush, simply enjoying the ride.

It is Schick's careful yet understated acoustic guitar that makes "Under" shine, providing sharp rhythms and often sweet melodies with a hint of that folksy twang. In fact, it is the airy weightlessness that each song has that keeps such a consistent sound on "Under," even when rhythms, melodies and styles change from track to track. Indeed, Australia is quite the muse for Kenny Schick.


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