Kill Hannah
"February 27, 2004"

Theatre of Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Happy fucking Friday night, Philly," singer guitarist Mat Devine announced in between songs. As relative unknowns opening for Swedish band The Sounds, Kill Hannah should have had their work cut out for them. Following the overly 80s electro sounding, Clash inspired IMA Robot, the other opening band, Kill Hannah took to the stage with their nine song set, their energy and their well applied eyeliner.

Opening with "Boys and Girls," Kill Hannah played animatedly, with cool-looking lights duct-taped on the bottom of their guitars and bass. A little later, when Devine asked "Anyone know who the fuck we are?" in between songs, the band and received a big response. While the frontman is typically the center of attention, Devine seemed more the quiet type. As he shed his guitar for "From Now Own" and crooned into the microphone, frequently holding his face or folding his arms, bassist Greg Corner jumped seemingly nonstop as he inaudibly mouthed the lyrics and guitarists Jon Radtke and Dan Wiese hovered on the edge of the stage.

Introducing "Unwanted" as "a song about us," Kill Hannah certainly looked the part of an alternative band in all black clothes and numerous piercings amongst the five skinny musicians. And while the crowd's reception was getting warmer, an audience member, surprisingly, threw a water bottle on stage just tapping Devine as he spoke in between songs, and getting a sarcastic thumbs up from Corner. Closing with their trademark song, "Kennedy," Kill Hannah had the crowd's utmost attention. Cleverly shaking hands of the crowd, as a politician would, Devine shed his guitar again and rushed around stage so much that his mic unplugged for an instant. The trouble was miniscule and essentially unnoticed as the crowd warmly cheered.

With their catchy melodies and lyrics, Kill Hannah kept their show high energy for their entire set. Their ease in winning over the crowd only gives a slight indication of the national and international levels the band will ascend to if they continue at this pace.

Setlist: Boys and Girls, Is Anyone Here Alive?, They Can't Save Us Now, 10 More Minutes With You, From Now On, Nerve Gas, Unwanted, Race The Dream, Kennedy