Kill Hannah
"For Never & Ever"

(Atlantic Records 2003)Kill Hannah - For Never & Ever

Whenever a band signs their first major label deal and make their debut album, fans can get nervous. Many times, songs that are several years old are rerecorded for inclusion on this debut and frequently lose the qualities that made fans like them in the first place. For Kill Hannah's debut, "For Never & Ever," the band tweak crowd pleasers like the newly renamed "Kennedy" and "Boys & Girls," among others, but retain the original heart and soul of the song.

Through a crisp opening on "They Can't Save Us Now," Kill Hannah immediately get your feet tapping as they segue into the lightly electronically accented "Kennedy" as singer/guitarist Mat Devine sings "I wanna be a Kennedy/I wanna be tall and handsome/I'd conquer the world/And you'd see me on television/If I could be a Kennedy." On "10 More Minutes With You" and "Raining All The Time" the band demonstrate they have catchy lead guitar parts that are not overdone and can, along with Devine's vocals, provide the main focus points. The infectious and high energy "Boys & Girls" seamlessly blends electronic music into the band's sound to create a highly danceable song.

The band continues with the adrenalin rush as the album continues with the memorable "For Now On" while "Race the Dream," with its electronic beats coloring the background, has a nice melody that feels different from the other tracks. The simpler but powerful "Unwanted" is essentially a shout out to, among others, "my boys who are strong." With drums leading "Is Anyone Here Alive?" the band present a slightly more mature and interesting sound compared to the rest of "For Never & Ever." On the album's final track, "No One Dreams Anyway," the band enter in slowly amidst swirling distortions before the song picks up in speed and energy.

With a sort of teen angst in their lyrics, Kill Hannah sing "we die young" (on "Kennedy") and "so this is how it feels to be insane/The world looks like a movie always playin'/So how can hearts so young feel so much pain?" (on "They Can't Save Us Now") and you know they understand. The mix of new songs and the first-rate recordings of older ones should be more than enough to lure Kill Hannah's existing fans to buy the album while new fans can hear everything for the first time.