Kill Hannah
"Until There's Nothing Left Of Us"

(Atlantic Records 2006)Kill Hannah - Until There\'s Nothing Left Of Us

It is hard to believe but three years have come and gone since Chicago electro-rockers Kill Hannah released their long awaited major label debut album, "For Never & Ever." Flying high on old favorites, like "Kennedy" and "10 More Minutes With You," the album was familiar to the band's legion of, chiefly, Internet-only fans. On the band's follow-up album, "Until There's Nothing Left Of Us" retains that fluid and smooth sound that Kill Hannah has created where not a single note sounds out of place.

Kill Hannah are in fine form as synthesizers dance throughout the power rock of "Believer" and gritty guitar sets "Lips Like Morphine" spinning. The low key and unassuming instrumentation on "Black Poison Blood" takes a page from Placebo's book and pulls things together before fading out on twinkling piano. Sweet and sappy, "Love You to Death" opts for an upbeat and driving melody before instrumentation floats easily on the somewhat stripped down "Under The Milky Way." Singer and guitarist Mat Devine's soft vocals soar on the smooth "Statues Without Eyes" before Kill Hannah quicken your pulse with "Crazy Angel."

If "For Never & Ever" was Kill Hannah's foot in the door, then "Until There's Nothing Left Of Us" is their chance to jump from just another band to a noteworthy band to watch. But for some reason, the band does not so much jump as cling to their musical roots. Kill Hannah takes few chances, choosing instead to rely on their well-patented musical formula. Kill Hannah are that just like an old, reliable friend on "Until There's Nothing Left Of Us."


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