"Rise and Fall"

(Defend Music 2007)Kin - Rise and Fall

Australian duo The Kin seem to have found a home in the Big Apple. Also known as brothers Isaac and Thorry Koren, The Kin have generated some notable press quotes from New York magazine by working their act and playing their music. On the band's fourth album, "Rise and Fall," The Kin offer soft rock ballads that are dramatic, romantic and even a bit adventurous.

Breathy and overly dramatic, The Kin keep their music intense on "Nowhere To Now Here" while the brief but exotic "Photograph" echoes desolately. But the strong, willful side of the pair is short lived. The Kin focus mostly on ballads. They end up sounding best on the delicate acoustic "Abraham." Soft and melodic, the album's title track and "Together" offer a smoother, more radio-friendly sound as "See" puts a groove on full instrumentation.

The Kin make it a tough call. Sure, The Kin have not a note out of place on "Rise and Fall," the melodies are soft and smooth while their delivery is straight forward. But what hinders The Kin's "Rise and Fall" the most is their outdated and unoriginal sound that ends up blending together. Their soft rock ballads are better suited for the last two decades or the radio station playing in the doctor's waiting room. While that is not an insult, it does hold "Rise and Fall" back from being something bigger or better.


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