King Elementary

(Sweet Tea Recordings 2005)King Elementary - Kudzu

It is hard to believe King Elementary are barely out of high school. The quartet have clearly done their homework for their debut record "Kudzu" as they work multipart vocal harmonies or screaming garage rock into to their songs of crashing drums and charging guitar riffs. Showing their inexperience at times, King Elementary keep things professional as they come out swinging on "Kudzu."

Loud, high energy, straight forward rock tunes dominate "Kudzu." "Thief of Hearts" hits hard with a driving guitar riff while "Rebecca" and "Spur of the Moment" proudly shows off their 50s and 60s influences. King Elementary create a loud clamor on "Satisfactory," nailing their garage rock ambitions with attitude and style before focusing all their energy on the mostly instrumental "We Defy Gravity," its quick pace flying on wailing guitar and pounding drums. Guitar led melodies make the lower key songs like "Hit the Mirror" and "Sand and Romance" an interesting change of pace. "I can't preach, don't know what to say," King Elementary's Morgan Jones sings in a rough, raw voice on "Sitting." And judging by the lyrics of the song, it is difficult to call him a liar as the song reaches in vain for bluesy, minimalist lyrics.

Working variations of the same rhythm into your skull, King Elementary keep things simple and uncomplicated. "Kudzu" is a strong debut from a young band showing promise and offering plenty of room to grow and make their music their own. King Elementary's debut may not be ground breaking, but the future looks promising.


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