Kite Pilot
"Kite Pilot"

(Self-Released 2004)Kite Pilot - Kite Pilot

In the past few years, Nebraska has shown itself to be a hot bed of indie rock action. It is this setting that produced quartet Kite Pilot and their quirky fusion of a lazy jazz sound with light indie rock, and later electronic elements. Kite Pilot's self-titled EP sounds crisp, clean with a clear focus point that the band hits on each of the five tracks and further confirms the idea that less is always more.

A gentle wall of instrumentation rises around lone trumpet on "Tree Caught The Kite" as singer Erica Petersen's breathy vocals remind of Kim Gordon. Simple lounge jazz makes "Belong" into a hip swinging dance number. Petersen's soft vocals add a tender note to the guitar squealing "Don't Stand" and then instantly become fragile, a la Björk, on the melodic "Cellar Door." Stepping outside the box, "On My Lips" is upbeat electronic rock where Petersen's processed vocals ("It's on my lips, a bloody gash I wear so well/You made me pay but I refuse to tell") add an interesting note to the catchy tune.

While each of Kite Pilot's songs are straightforward, they add their own twist. Band sing-alongs and finger snapping make multiple appearances. Kite Pilot are serious but just serious enough to know when to make it fun. It is that intuition that keeps Kite Pilot light and breezy instead of dense and overly complicated.


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