"Myths of the Near Future"

(Geffen Records 2007)Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future

It is hard to believe that "Myths of the Near Future" is only the Klaxons' debut, what with all the tongues they have inspired to start wagging. "Myths of the Near Future" shows the British trio's love of falsetto vocals while putting a new spin on the dance rock sound. Listening to the Klaxons is like getting invited to a rowdy party held by some dodgy characters -- and needless to say, some things are going to end up broken at the end of the night.

Or perhaps rave is a more appropriate term to use, as the band betray their nationality by way of their accents, which slip in quite frequently, and the inclusion of some early '90s style electronica, such as on "Atlantic To Interzone," which also manages a clamoring garage rock sound. The raving Klaxons ride high on a bright, light wave of sound on tracks like the feel-no-pain attitude of "Gravity's Rainbow" and the instantly memorable "Golden Skans." Elsewhere the band gets more direct and more aggressive with the chant driven tunes like "Isle Of Her" and "Magick," both insistent and edgy, and "Forgotten Works," with its pulsing disco rhythm.

For something a little left of center, the Klaxons' "Myths of the Near Future" is interesting and attention-grabbing. But with a method that sees the band mash everything up together and then throw it directly at you, "Myths" is likely not for everyone. What with all that action going on instrumentally, it is easy to overlook the fact that, lyrically, the band keep things simple. It is an interesting sleight of hand that the Klaxons perform on "Myths of the Near Future."


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