Knox Overstreet
"Advanced Demo"

(Self-Released 2000)Knox Overstreet - Advanced Demo

These days, with New York on the map for producing so many up-and-coming and popular bands, it is always nice to see a band from the state, or anywhere for that matter, that is not caught up with being the next whatever. Knox Overstreet's Advanced Demo is four tracks to introduce you to the band. A band whose sound is a mix of influences but not cliché.

In the, roughly, fifteen minute demo, the band present three radio friendly, easy going guitar rock songs: "Out of the Van," "Shake That Tree" and "Not At All." While all three tracks sound similar, each also has its own identity. "Out of the Van," the CDs opening track, is up tempo and gets your foot tapping. The wispy vocals and complimenting guitar solo, that is careful not to be overdone, distinguishes "Shake That Tree." And the break on the final track, "Not At All," adds texture and splits up the song nicely.

The stand out on the demo, however, is the third track, "Fast Women." Interesting and enjoyable to listen to, the song has a different feeling and sound than the other three songs. The repeated guitar riff is just loud enough to hear it lurking in the background while the drums quietly pound away with a haze encompassing it all.

Knox Overstreet's Advanced Demo sounds good. Instrumentally they obviously know what they are doing and the demo has been well recorded and produced. The songs themselves are good, radio friendly tunes. And with the addition of "Fast Women," you know Knox Overstreet have an ability to branch out and do something different than what is heard on the other two-thirds of the CD. Knox Overstreet has made a nice start for itself with this demo.