Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution

(Sexy Intellectual 2008)Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution -

If you're looking for a documentary on what was happening in the alternative German music scene starting around the time of the Summer of Love, "Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution" might be of interest. For many young German musicians, replicating the US and UK rock music scenes just didn't work; it didn't feel right. Enter krautrock and the beginnings of the electronic music scene.

In a lengthy three hour documentary whose title name drops Kraftwerk and does, admittedly, focus on the band about half of the time, "Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution" also spends a significant amount of time showing what else was happening in the music scenes across the German nation just prior to and during Kraftwerk's earliest years. Krautrock staples Can, Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül (I and II), Kluster, Organisation and others all get covered. But Kraftwerk do get the most significant attention in the film as viewers get to see the band's successes, conquering not only their own country but also the United States and Europe, as they went from being perceived as a mere novelty to musical revolutionaries.

As an overview, "Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution" does a good job of explaining and showcasing German alternative music in a German context. But the extensive documentary does include some rather drawn out interviews and opinions from journalists and writers. The interviews with the musicians themselves, however, offer a bit more insight but noticeably absent from the lineup are Kraftwerk main men Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider although other former members do make appearances.


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