"May 2, 2009"

Ladytron - May 2, 2009

Showbox SoDo, Seattle, United States

It was a cold, rainy night when Ladytron played a packed performance at Seattle’s Showbox SoDo, a venue with some of the longest, slowest lines I have encountered in a quite some time. The show was a part of their co-headlining tour with The Faint. On this particular night Ladytron was first up.

They kicked off the show with “Black Cat.” It was a slow, sleepy opener to be followed up with more slow, sleepy songs. After “Black Cat,” they next played “Runaway” without picking up much crowd enthusiasm. Still, it wasn’t until the fourth song, “Ghosts,” that I really began to give up hope that the performance could be saved. The synths sounded ‘80s cheesy and the drums drowned out the vocals. Sound quality at the venue was severely lacking, and it was clear that the band members were not strong enough live performers to overcome the venue’s pitfalls. Even “17” and “Discotraxx,” normally crowd favorites, fell flat. There were a few gems however. “Fighting In Built Up Areas” and “International Dateline” were their two strongest performances of the night. After a thirteen song set, the band finished up with “Destroy” as their encore. Much like the rest of the show, it was a disappointment.

Ladytron’s performance was forgettable at best; at worst boring and uninspired. It was clear that they were an opening band, not the headliner for the night. The atmosphere during their set was that of a crowded bar with music playing in the back ground. Subbing a CD in for their live performance would not have taken anything away. It’s clear when it comes to live shows Ladytron has a lot to work on.