La Rocca
"Sing Song Sung EP"

(Dangerbird Records 2006)La Rocca - Sing Song Sung EP

Irish foursome La Rocca make quite an impression with their EP "Sing Song Sung." Making a sweeping entrance into the room from the very first notes, La Rocca wants you to know that this music is just a preview of their upcoming full-length, "The Truth." Relocated to Los Angeles to work with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Supergrass, The Thrills), La Rocca are bright and energetic on "Sing Song Sung."

Light vibes add a softer balance to the EP's thumping title track as La Rocca take full control of their music, exuding smarts and confidence. With a more upbeat sound, light melodies race in the background of "Sketches (20 Something Life)" as the rest of the instrumentation remains energetic and intense. Drums crash for a softer sounding La Rocca as "Home" races, gentle echoes adding depth to the song. Pounding piano leads the full instrumental force on the sparkling melodic ballad "Cambodia," taking you out with a bang.

The songs of La Rocca's "Sing Song Sung" EP are just different enough to be distinct but remain cohesive. It is this point that makes you wonder what "The Truth" might hold. Throughout the EP, La Rocca seems to have an excited twitch; they just can not seem to remain still. It is that unstoppable energy that La Rocca shows that makes "Sing Song Sung" flow easily and remain likable.


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