La Rocca
"The Truth"

(Dangerbird Records 2006)La Rocca - The Truth

When Irish rockers La Rocca came rushing out of the gates with their high energy EP "Sing Song Sung," the band showcased their sound with a definite ease. With La Rocca's full-length debut, the band pulls back the curtains for a better look at the band. There is more than just bright vibes and synthesizers to La Rocca's sound. Indeed, there are sing-along choruses, soulful ballads and memorable melodies, all of which dominate and bring something special to "The Truth."

From the very first notes of the album, La Rocca carry you away on a light cloud of twinkling instrumentation with "Sketches (20 Something Life)," "Sing Song Sung," and "If You Need The Morning." Those quick rushes to the head of energy and excitement are countered later with the softer sounds of "Non Believer," as drums thunder in the background, and the gentle, warm melody of "Capitol Pill." La Rocca are in full control with pop tunes like the smooth and solid "This Life" and the light and dreamy "Goodnight." Elsewhere, the band vividly brings to mind 70s rock ballads with the piano-laced "The Truth" and the rambling guitar of "Some You Give Away."

Revealing their closely guard hand, La Rocca clearly has some tricks that they kept secret on the "Sing Song Sung EP." With "The Truth," La Rocca combines their lyrically driven songs with strong and well executed instrumentation, steeped in classic rock roots. "The Truth" is what you make it, and La Rocca keep themselves honest.


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