"Get It"

(Red Ink/Columbia Records 2006)Lashes - Get It

Lead singer Ben Clark of The Lashes certainly seems to have the bravado to make his band's debut album notable. "Get It" pounds on and on, powered by smooth pop rock and infectious melodies that will likely have you singing along and wondering how the band keep the energy so high.

Lost love and unrequited love songs seem to dominate "Get It." From the beginning, "New Best Friend" leads the charge with driving instrumentation where Clark asks, "Do you want to be my new best friend tonight? And the rest of our lives?" Elsewhere he tries to reconcile a past relationship, wondering where the girl he fell in love with went, on "Daddy's Little Girl." A catchy melody makes the soft ballad "Sometimes The Sun" into a memorable track while keyboards pound away and guitar riffs lilt on the energetic "Safe To Say." Power pop drives "Please, Please, Please" as "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" pounds and thumps along. Strings and piano join the mix for the light ballad "Dear Hollywood" without making the song sound too soft. With a hint of rockabilly thrown in to "Nate's Song" and the Paul McCartney sentiments that dominate on "The World Needs More Love Letters," The Lashes come across as sweet, clean cut gentlemen.

On first listen, The Lashes' sleek pop rock is catchy and likable. But "Get It" misses the mark as the songs all come across as variations on the same idea although The Lashes certainly make the most of what they have. While "Get It" starts out in high, by the end of the album, the energy might remain but the quality is just not the same.


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