Last Great Hope
"Creatures Of Beauty"

(Handout Records 2004)Last Great Hope - Creatures Of Beauty

Florida foursome Last Great Hope manage to get the requisite cocky rock 'n' roll attitude across just in their name, including a hint of tongue in cheek humor. But when presented with the band's debut album, "Creatures of Beauty," the story seems to change somewhat. Smooth and poppy, Last Great Hope cannot help but portray themselves as likable with their nice guy image. Still not convinced? There is a (cute) puppy on the album cover.

Like Queens of the Stone Age's syncopated "Feel Good Hit of the Summer," the instrumental intro to "Not the Enemy" thumps before the song takes a different direction of speeding punk rock. The familiar riff of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues" lurks quietly in between verses of "The Kid Is All Right" before "I'm The One" speeds by roughly on squeaking guitar. With a driving Mötorhead style riff, "Keep On Going Back" sticks out unlike any other track on the album although it is not until "Time to Go" that the band really churns out the gritty sound that they have hinted at throughout "Creatures of Beauty."

Nice guys finish last, or so the old saying goes. Luckily for Last Great Hope, that is not the case for them -- at least not completely. Last Great Hope's "Creatures of Beauty" tackles the long held song topic traditions of relationship struggles and self in an consistent pop punk sound that is generally too soft when it tries to be soft and not rough enough when it tries to be tough.


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