Lazy American Workers
"Surf Lake Erie"

(Sin Klub Entertainment 2003)Lazy American Workers - Surf Lake Erie

The Lazy American Workers, featuring Todd Evans of GWAR, seem to play to two crowds on "Surf Lake Erie." While the loud punk band probably does not care what you make of their music, they, nevertheless, include some explanatory remarks in their linear notes. "This song is about fake people. It is in no way a slam against Native Americans," they write before "Windian." Whether the band really feel their lyrics need explaining is unclear but it is clear that their clever and humorous lyrics are probably not going to offend too many.

The quick paced, straight forward punk of "Kick It, Workers!" works as an introduction to the album: the songs are going to be fast, short and loud. "If I want to see your tattoo, I will ask you," the band declares scornfully on the speeding and appealing "The Tattoo Guru." Using a slightly more clean punk sound, clearer vocals and by dropping a few pop culture references and other clichés, the Lazy American Workers offer their "Big Radio Hit." Fast and rough, "Nobody Bags Bruce Dickinson!" stands up for the Iron Maiden front man with dominating instrumentation while the bumpy "Whudja Call Me?!" and the jagged "The Empty Glass" push you all over. Loud and brash, "Windian" is dynamic with electric guitar accents. Maybe "Tip of the Day" should have been Lazy American Workers' big radio hit. The surprisingly catchy and smart song addresses guns being blamed for violence, as opposed to poor parenting. "Asphalt Commando" is loud and, similarly, memorable with a stripped down vocals and bass section that adds some variety.

The Lazy American Workers immortalize the Toledo Mud Hens in the distinctively punk "Hens Are Downtown," noting the team's movement to a new stadium and those who had no faith in the move: "The only thing I miss about the Ned is Hotdog Sam. He could sell a hot dog to a vegetarian." Loud, rough and raw the band never gets in your face as much as with the memorable title track, "Surf Lake Erie." The album offers a decent cover of The Rubinoos' "Revenge of the Nerds" and also Iron Maiden's "The Trooper."

"Surf Lake Erie" is fun punk rock that lasts speeds through fourteen tracks in twenty minutes without stopping to catch its breath. While not a break through, the Lazy American Workers put their own spin and a whole lot of energy into their music to create a decent album with, at least, a couple tracks you are sure to remember once the music stops.