Legs Up/My War

(State of Mind Recordings 2004)Legs Up/My War - Split

The first half of this 12 song, 14 minute split EP contains songs from Long Island hardcore spazzers Legs Up. Their sound may come off as kind of boilerplate to the average hardcore aficionado but this band must be given credit where credit is due because they put in the effort to go beyond the pigeonholed hardcore sound. "His Bowtie is Really a Camera" is played in a rather pummeling fashion as it segues into "Straight Man's Black" with some real pissed off vocal shrieks. The best track that Legs Up puts out on this split would have to be "Within an Island, Within and Island," though, because the instrumentation is reminiscent of something played in the era of the early days of hardcore from the early 80s back when it was all DIY by bands like Minor Threat and so forth.

Now let's talk about Richmond's own My War. Their songs are sure to piss off the inhabitants who subscribe to the ignorant notions of being a red state voter in the Bible belt land of their native state of Virginia. Front man Braden Govoni sings about how gentrification fucks up a local music scene on "Richmond's New Curse" and declares that the "pro-life movement can get fucked" on "I Don't Make Trash, I Burn It." Right on! Drummer Gene Byard is pretty wicked with the sticks while this is a band that has a potential for a promising career ahead of them within the rank and file of superior hardcore luminaries.