"Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?"

(Geffen Records 2005)Like - Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

While it still is a far too rare occurrence, all-girl bands seem to be popping up more these days. The most recent addition to that exclusive club, the Like, might not rock like Sleater-Kinney and they may not be producing bubblegum pop like the Donnas. Instead, the Like seem to be in some sort of happy middle between the two. On the trio's debut full length, "Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?," the Like are both fragile and insistent, albeit much less the latter.

With a slight touch on Björk in her vocals, vocalist Z Berg's delicate voice floats on the bouncy, up beat instrumentation of "June Gloom" as a heavier chorus crashes down around her. "What I Say And What I Mean" may be as close to an anthem as the Like will get, the catchy and quick moving chorus ready for radio while the thumping melody of "The One" comes across as likable. The chiming, sing song melody of "(So I'll Sit Here) Waiting" is the album's most memorable moment as Berg's vocals ascend with a full chorus of buzzing instrumentation. The familiar riff of "Too Late" builds up, swirling around you before disintegrating to Berg's breathy vocals.

"Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?" slips and slides away, never really grabbing a hold or revealing enough of itself to give you a deeper connection with the band or the album. The Like make good on their name, creating a charming sound, but leave little else than their repetitive melodies for you to remember them by. So, to answer the Like's question, I guess not.


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