(Doghouse Records 2007)Limbeck - Limbeck

The fourth album from Southern California's Limbeck is not what you might expect from a band from the OC. Between the 90s music scene and more recent MTV reality television programming, Orange County, CA, evokes images of No Doubt, The Offspring and spoiled, overdramatic teenagers. But Limbeck seem to have avoided all of the crassness that might be expected of them. Instead, Limbeck have focused on offering up indie rock with a distinctly country sound. The band's self-titled fourth album continues their alt-country style, as it has been called, driven by understated melodies with a loose, laid-back feel.

Limbeck get your toes tapping with the bouncing bass on opening track "Trouble" that vaguely reminds of The Beach Boys with its smooth vocal harmonies and light melody. Never do Limbeck give off a more casual air than on "Bird Problems," as stomps and hand claps punctuate the rhythm and an electric guitar solo flows easily while "Let Me Come Home" offers a touch of honky tonk on the soft song. Riding in like The Beatles' "Get Back," "Wake Up" is upbeat, full rock while a thumping riff on "Big Drag" leans heavily towards the country sound and the driving "Keepin' Busy" charges full steam ahead.

Never quite approaching full-on country on "Limbeck," the band's gentle melodies have a definite charm and appeal. But with passive melodies that simply glide by, Limbeck never grab the listener like they could. It is a little bit of everything, as the band blend genres, a variety of instruments and harmonies for a likable album.


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