"No Generation"

(Self-Released 2008)Lions - No Generation

At the beginning of "Start Movin'," the first track on The Lions' album "No Generation," you might think you're listening to a rejected Rage Against The Machine track. I did. It's not a good first impression, for me anyway. However, after the opening dose of unpleasantness, The Lions move beyond that and deliver a good dose of rock 'n energy. The riffs are heavy. If I had to compare them to another recent band, I might describe them as a Wolfmother that doesn't suck.

For the most part, every song rocks and doesn't let up. There's some psychedelia thrown in to slow things down a bit, but it still rocks just the same. The RATM feel fights it's way back into the picture one or two more times, especially on "All Hail," but it doesn't diminish the overall quality of the album. Most of what you'll hear is something that feels like Kyuss just met Soundgarden and Nebula. Hints of punk, industrial, thrash, and prog rock can all be heard on this one. "Can You Hear Me?" sounds like AC/DC with an almost industrial beat. The album closes out with a seven minute jam called "Get Out Alive." I'll admit it left me wanting for more. Let's hope these guys stick around for a while.

If you're looking for a decent rock record that is heavy, groovy, and doesn't let up, this is it. I'm definitely a fan after just one listen. I'm about to go back and listen again and enjoy The Lions kicking out the jams on my own time.


buy it!