Local H
"June 11, 2005"

Local H - June 11, 2005

The Khyber
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Since their first album, "Ham Fisted," in 1995, Local H has kept fans rocking with their guitar and drum driven tunes. Hitting the road on their All Request tour, fans were given a ballot at the door and the opportunity to select seven songs from the duo's discography or to sacrifice their seven votes for one write-in. Opening bands Anthrophobia, whose Christina Ricci obsessed front man could almost pass for a pre-plastic surgery Vince Neil, and The Giraffes, who won over the crowd with their presence and tight sound, warmed the crowd up for the moshing which would later ensue.

Local H guitarist and singer Scott Lucas led the charge on a hot and stuffy Saturday night in Philadelphia. Belittling fans while warming up, Lucas was anything but passive as he spit water into the crowd and repeatedly crowd surfed while continuing to play. Drummer Brian St. Clair pounded mercilessly on his kit all night, turning his back to the audience and letting a small fan on stage cool him while Lucas entertained the crowd with his dry wit and observations of Sammy Hagar.

The fan voted set was a jumble of the band's discography but has some obvious inclinations towards the band's earlier tunes -- "Sports Bar," "Lovey Dovey" and "Fritz's Corner" -- while the expected hits such as "Eddie Vedder" and "High-Fiving MF," which branched into Lucas playing "Black Magic Woman" and decked out with an audience member's sun glasses, were also apart of the set list. Local H's Britney Spears cover, "Toxic," also made an appearance as did Cheap Trick's "He's A Whore." While, apparently, only one song from the band's new album, "Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles," made the cut: "Heavy Metal Bakesale."

But promptly at 1:30 AM, Lucas' microphone was cut off -- much to his irritation -- and the show, driven by Lucas' seemingly unending supply of energy, fizzled out.