"Lolett EP"

(Self-Released 2003)Lolett - Lolett EP

Using reflective and strong vocals, without being pretentious or demanding, with strong, moderately heavy riffs and not sounding awkward or unfocused is difficult. But on their self-titled EP, Lolett do just that and even throw in a song ("Thinking Too Much") that makes you wonder if that is what Portishead would sound like without the turn tables and programming.

On "Infatuation," Lolett somehow combine reasonably heavy and sometimes gritty riffs and, because they go easy on everything else, come out sounding light and melodic without singer Elisa Korenne's roughly Natalie Merchant sounding vocals grabbing all the attention. Similar but with a softer feel as Lolett shed the heavy riffs, "Our Days Are Done" is melodic with memorable lyrics like the holiday similes ("Like Halloween candy when you're young/You turn away and you don't look back" and "Keeping on, after it's done/Like Christmas lights left hanging a month too long"). Quiet and somewhat darker at times, "Thinking Too Much" reminds sounds of Portishead on the verses with its simple rhythmic riffs.

While Lolett's EP is more of a single at three tracks in length, the self-titled EP is a good introduction to the band showing a bit of a range. The three tracks, while not being identical is not too different either, allow for listeners to get familiar with Lolett. And with their comfortable sound that is not too unlike a number of bands, Lolett put their own spin on things for an interesting listen.