Lonely H

(Control Group 2007)Lonely H - Hair

Listening to The Lonely H's sophomore album "Hair," it is difficult to believe that the band have just graduated high school. Their mature classic rock influenced music offers gentle vocal harmonies and full instrumentation interspersed with stimulating guitar solos. But where so many young bands try to do everything at once and make a big scene, The Lonely H are surprisingly reserved and restrained. But while they might seem calm and collected, that does not mean they are not afraid to get dirty when they need to.

Smooth melodies are certainly one of The Lonely H's strengths. Opening track "Just Don't Know It" wins listeners over with a soft rock sound while the mid tempo stripped down ballad "The Drought" floats by effortlessly as the instrumentation builds and fills in towards the end, soft piano twinkling in the background. The Doors meet The White Stripes for the album's title track, a quick rocking ode to their long locks. The Lonely H step out and let loose with the fun and up tempo rock of "Say Your Prayers" while a surf style guitar riff holds down the quick moving "Yeah, Yeah."

Rarely do The Lonely H betray their age on "Hair." Only as they drift between sounds and seem, from time to time, somewhat unsure mid-song does the album lose some focus and become slightly sloppy. With that said, The Lonely H has all the tools they need and more to prove themselves with "Hair" as they ooze with potential.


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