Lovely Feathers
"Hind Hind Legs"

(Equator Records 2006)Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs

"Hind Hind Legs" by the Lovely Feathers is the kind of album you might put on to listen to in substitution for your favorite Pixies album. The songs have that same kind of fractured melodic structure, and the same mathematically precise guitar lines adorning the compositions. Indeed, it is a little hard to say what exactly distinguishes the Lovely Feathers as a musical group in their own right. They even have the same kind of nearly incomprehensible lyrical dirges that seem to hide from being completely deciphered in the singer's detached vocals.

"Pope John Paul," the first song, is either a tribute to the late leader or some kind of ironic/sarcastic comment on all the conventional respect surrounding someone who isn't everybody's favorite representative of traditional Catholic moral policy. With these guys, it's hard to say where their motives lie, as there is hardly a direct lyric in any song. Every song seems colored by a taint of ambiguity. "In the Valley" continues the Catholic reference with a chorus mantra of "Rome is in the valley, Rome is in the valley." Perhaps this lyric gives the listener a better understanding of where these guys stand in terms of their social perspective. It isn't surprising to witness alternative musicians being favorable to liberal intentions. It's basically common course to be a bit above the obvious and the conventional when you're trying to be clever and controversial in the creative department.

"Photo Corners" almost sounds like a rewrite of the famous Pixies anthem, "Where is my mind?" Take just one listen at the opening acoustic chords being strummed and you might even be wishing it was the former song, as the song in reality doesn't exactly rise over the other in terms of quality. Nevertheless, it functions as an appropriate anthem, with an interesting combination of keyboards and guitars to support the gradually ascending melody. "The Only Appalachian Cornfield" might be the first truly straightforwardly catchy anthem on the entire disc. The guitars particularly soar on this one too.

Put this on if you want to see how influential the Pixies have been on the underground music scene. This is probably almost as good as the above-mentioned band's best work.


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