Lucky Boys Confusion
"How To Get Out Alive"

(Reincarnate Music/Townstyle Records 2006)Lucky Boys Confusion - How To Get Out Alive

Chicago rock band Lucky Boys Confusion have been around nearly ten years. In that time, the band has put out several albums on major labels and received some moderate success. While the band has recently announced a hiatus, their "How To Get Out Alive" EP offers a chance to hear some of the band's original songs as well as a bouncy rock 'n' roll cover.

Melodic guitar rock comes through on "The Struggle (Getting Out Alive)" as the soft but safe sounding song works the dynamics, quickly going from gentle to racing. On the somewhat memorable "Cigarettes," Lucky Boys' singer Stubhy almost tries too hard to make the power pop sound something more than ordinary. Gently pounding drums and constant cymbals set things spinning on "When Bad News Gets Worse" as the band attempt to be proactive in getting things going before the driving rhythm of "Like Rats From A Sinking Ship" speeds by. The band tie the EP up and finally sound like they are having a bit of fun with a bright and upbeat cover of Dramarama's "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)."

Lucky Boys Confusion is straightforward and the band delivers a consistent poppy modern rock sound throughout their "How To Get Out Alive" EP. But while they might provide what they promise, Lucky Boys Confusion offer little more as they remain reserved and safe. The result makes it easy to gloss over "How To Get Out Alive" and write off Lucky Boys Confusion as just another pop rock band.


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