Lunar Breakdown
"Behind The Calm"

(Self-Released 2005)Lunar Breakdown - Behind The Calm

Lunar Breakdown seems to have found the ideal title for their album. "Behind The Calm" lays out for all to see what we all feel, behind our quiet exterior, when putting on a calm front. Rigid riffs release the trio's tensions and yet simultaneously create it throughout Lunar Breakdown's album as the band attempts to wrestle melodies into their tough sounding songs and then blend it all together for a natural result.

Solid guitar riffs churn and grind, making "Backbone" constantly changing while "Powdered Water" goes for a grittier and lower sound that speeds and slows throughout the song and "Save It" is driven by rhythmic riffs and an upbeat tone. The real melody comes out on the end of "The Bends," however, as, aptly, guitar notes bend for an interesting riff and rough vocal harmonies. Meanwhile Lunar Breakdown call Yes to mind briefly with the rich and rhythmic instrumental "Two Loop." Trying to be light on their feet, "Orange Alert" is both headstrong and gentle while the band's attempt at a ballad, "Easy...," is more of a struggle than the title lets on.

Chicago's Lunar Breakdown make "Behind The Calm" a likable and rock ready album full of grinding riffs and pounding instrumentation that, surely, they would want to hear themselves. However, somewhere between the amp jacks and the recording, "Behind The Calm" loses something, the sharp melodies getting dulled as Lunar Breakdown attempt to balance their heavy instrumentation with a softer side.


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