Lunar Theory
"Lunar Theory"

(Self-Released 2005)Lunar Theory - Lunar Theory

With a feeling of childlike amazement flowing throughout his twinkling pop music, Jared Robinson conveys a definite sense of whimsy and emotion with Lunar Theory. The sole body behind the band, the Canadian musician keeps Lunar Theory's self-titled album consistent throughout, rarely venturing past a structure he sets up early on and then runs with, full speed ahead.

Digital effects add character to opening track "A Million Frowns" as it dances that ever so fine line between electro pop and rock, gritty riffs scratching in the background. Meanwhile the album's first single, "Follow," leans more towards pop with its soaring and full melody. Robinson uses the catchy pumping choruses of the driving power songs "Not Your Time" and "Deep" to draw you in. Lunar Theory keeps dynamics at the forefront as the soft and sad ballad "She's Calling" evolves from a quiet cry to an instrumentally full demand that "Bitter" ends up fulfilling with crashing cymbals and pounding instrumentation. Meanwhile, the quiet piano ballad "Home" offers a well needed change and shows a more thoughtful and restrained Lunar Theory as the plinking keyboard on "Someday" lightens the mood with its daydream feel.

Driven by Robinson's breathy, falsetto vocals that are blended well into the soft, lilting melodies which shimmer and sparkle with pop abandon throughout the album, Lunar Theory is surprisingly reserved. A much more serene and toned down version of Kill Hannah, Lunar Theory is less rock than pop as Robinson often sets harder edged instrumentation with his music box-like tunes.