"The Drunk EP"

(Omega Point Records 2004)Luxxury - The Drunk EP

As a warm up to the release of their debut full length, "Sex With Rich People," in early 2006, Omega Point Records has re-released Luxxury's "The Drunk EP." The four track EP from 2004 was the band's first release and a smart introduction to the lyrics depicting sleazy decadence, the thumping bass and pulsing electronics and the blasé tone in which singer B. Von Luxxury meshes the Killers with the Bravery.

Breathy vocals sing of Chanel and jet setting to France on the pounding "Drunk (7" Edit)," pulling you in to the sound. Stephanie M. duets with Von Luxxury on the one night stand love song "All the Way (Boy Vs. Girl Mix)," synths ticking quickly behind them. If Luxxury have not already lured you on to the dance floor or into a back room, the pumping beat of "Disco Noir (Clean Mix)" just may with its tongue in cheek lyrics. Slower, letting the music really sink in, "Understood (Dirty Mix)," swirls around like a thick cloud of smoke before audio samples mix with quick twinkling pulses.

As electronic as you can go, Luxxury boast a rock 'n' roll attitude that comes clearly across in their music. "The Drunk EP" is non-stop fun from its slick delivery to its pounding instrumentation. Luxxury are sure to catch your attention as they flaunt their whole package. That is, music and lyrics, to be sure.