"Dimestore Raves EP"

(Self-Released 2004)Madras - Dimestore Raves EP

Los Angeles rock band Madras define the formula early and stick to it nearly religiously on their "Dimestore Raves EP." Their dreamy quiet to loud melodic structure might not be the most groundbreaking, but, then again if it is not broken, why fix it?

Guitar hammers loudly on the chorus of "Hero Style" and singer/guitarist Dan Luperini's strong vocals soar and carry over the instrumentation. A choppy rhythm adds texture to the strongly melodic "Great Wide Spinout" while on "Hollows" the pieces all seem to fall into place as the gentle tune swells in all the right places and Luperini croons sweetly. Madras coax you into a soft, dreamlike state on "Sulfur Mines," guitar adding feather-light accents before abruptly waking you with the loud, riff driven and bouncy "Go->On." Closing track "Bitter Pill" is full of attitude and drama as Madras go in a slightly different direction: drums softly patter and guitars and bass crash through.

Madras are sure to remind you of, at least, one or two bands from the past on "Dimestore Raves EP" as their guitar and vocal melodies build up and tumble down. With just enough flexibility, the "Dimestore Raves EP" offers six distinct songs that work well together and come across strong.


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