(Capitol Records 2007)Mae - Singularity

This past spring, Capitol Records scooped up Virginia Beach's Mae. Right around that time also saw the release of the band's third album pushed from April to August and Tooth & Nail, the label on which Mae released their first two albums, was just a fond memory. With the album likely already completed by that point, Mae was all set to go. No matter, Mae's "Singularity" is bite-sized alternative power pop tunes with keyboard synths squealing melodies throughout their layered guitar based sound.

Modesty is one thing but Mae needs to be a little less humble. They hide "Last Transmission II," what may be the best track of "Singularity," by tacking it on the end of the album as an unlisted hidden track. But by the quick moving indie rock of "Sic Semper Tyrannis," Mae has gotten their momentum while "Crazy" and "Brink of Disaster" offer hints of hooks to pull listeners in. Harder, edgier tracks like "Telescopes" and "Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone" almost seem out of place on "Singularity" until the band manages to weave soaring vocal melodies into their choruses.

Mae's "Singularity" is an album that, with patience and a few listens, earns its place. But while Mae admittedly takes some chances and pushes themselves, "Singularity" never hits the mark. In comparison to the over hyped, over produced pop rock clogging the airwaves, Mae are a welcome alternative with their own point of view.


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