"The Tourniquet"

(Filter US Recordings 2006)Magnet - The Tourniquet

Even Johansen, the man behind the musical curtain that is Magnet, has made it clear he knows exactly what he is doing. By fine tuning his already light and melodic sound that made Magnet's last album, "On Your Side," into a gentle lullaby, this Norwegian musician has managed to create a fresh and refocused sound for "The Tourniquet." Magnet make gentle music that is so well rounded and continually intriguing, putting a new twist on ballads without overdoing any of the delicate melodies that flow like wine on "The Tourniquet."

Banjo adds a gentle twang to "Hold On" as it floats in and out, Johansen's voice reminding of a subtler Rufus Wainwright and riding on a wave peppered by popping and thumping effects. Finger picking guitar is softened as folk becomes fluid and drums thunder throughout "Duracellia" while "Believe" soars on a powerfully pop chorus. Johansen's vocals glide smoothly, adding a breathy hint, on "The Pacemaker," the crashing melody of "Fall At Your Feet" and "Jaws," where a string arrangement sings along. Stripping the powerful melodies away, Johansen's vocals become the focus like never before on "Miss Her So" as the soft and simple song gets its message across.

Listening to Magnet really reinforces that less is sometimes so much more. The generally minimal instrumental style of "The Tourniquet" comes together seamlessly with intricate and well thought out melodies. Johansen conducts his orchestral-like songs with complete confidence and ability. "The Tourniquet" puts you on a gentle cloud for close to an hour.


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