Mag Seven
"Cotton Needle Sessions"

(End Sounds 2009)Mag Seven - Cotton Needle Sessions

On The Mag Seven's fifth full-length album "Cotton Needle Sessions" you can hear the obvious, and expected, influences on their surfer instrumentals from the likes of The Ventures, Dick Dale and Link Wray. The difference is that The Mag Seven go for a darker sound. You can forget the era of the ‘50s and ‘60s and the bubblegum pop sound. Adding some severity and somberness to their music by way of metal, The Mag Seven make their album sound darker than you might expect and rely heavily on jazz. Call it surfer noir.

The Mag Seven starts things off leisurely with a laid back jazz sound that doesn't rush on "Lahaina" or "Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform?" A low thumping riff digs in on "Trim" for the song's darker sound before the reverb kicks into overdrive on the seductively understated "Sailor Jerry's Requiem." Surf edges its way back into the picture, though, on tracks like "Deacon Browns" and, perhaps mostly obviously, on the catchy closing track "Panty Dropper."

"Cotton Needle Sessions" is executed well with all the tunes played cleanly, smoothly and sounding well balanced. Perhaps the only complaint is that the music from The Mag Seven is made for the background. "Cotton Needle Sessions" is the soundtrack to something else: a scene of intrigue from a movie, cleaning the house, cooking dinner. The Mag Seven don't command your attention with rumbling riffs or guitar licks that you'll find yourself recalling later.


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