Majestic Twelve
"Searching for the Elvis Knob"

(Self-released 2003)Majestic Twelve - Searching for the Elvis Knob

Majestic Twelve only seem to know two sounds: quiet and quick. On "Searching for the Elvis Knob," Majestic Twelve alternate between songs that adopt one of those characteristics for their pop rock style.

The low key song "Soylent Green" introduces "Searching for the Elvis Knob" with a solid melody that works well with the song's minimalness. Quick, racing vocals characterize the bright pop of "I Don't Have A Job" as the gritty "This Chevrolet" and the up beat "Living On The Beach" are all about rock as they bounce along before you. Meanwhile, tracks like "Busy Work," with its layers building up, and "Sweet Patrice," a mix of love sick blues, come across with a clean sound. Admittedly, Majestic Twelve throw you a bit of a curve ball with the out of place up beat show tune feel of "Magnolia Grove."

Too relaxed, "Searching for the Elvis Knob" does not grab the listener and lead them. Majestic Twelve's brand of pop rock works both ends of the scale, but they are still mastering a balance of both soft, gentle songs and quick, bright ones.


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