Mama's Cookin'
"Mama's Cookin'"

(MC Records 2007)Mama\'s Cookin\' - Mama\'s Cookin\'

Colorado band Mama's Cookin' certainly have some groove in their step. The syncopated vocal delivery of Mama's Cookin' singer and guitarist Zebuel Early is playful as he slides in and out of the half singing, half speaking approach. It is a style which, when Mama's Cookin' back it with fun, lively instrumentation, brings to mind New Orleans hard partiers Morning Forty Federation or Philly's G. Love. Put those ingredients together and you have the funky and laid back self-titled album from Mama's Cookin'.

Bright beats bounce you around throughout the album as the band get a little goofy, talk politics and offer their relaxed philosophies of life and just getting by. Lead off tracks reel listeners in as Mama's Cookin' show off their hip hop influences with the boldness of "Run Up Quick" while the feel good "What I Am" gets the party started. Thick bass beats thump and take over on the relatively soft but percussion heavy "Ann Marie" while muddy, snarling electric guitars try to take the wheel on "Symbols & Signs." Even when Mama's Cookin' try to tone things down a bit -- like "Aquarius Skies," with its rich sounding '70s flashback, or the low down creep of "Lampin'" -- they come across with a sound that is soulful and introspective.

Throughout the self-titled album from Mama's Cookin', it would not be surprising for the band to yell "hell yeah!" or ask for an "amen." For this band, it is all about the flow. Once the album starts going, it is not stopping. And Mama's Cookin' ooze the grooves that they are selling and they do it well. Hell yeah.


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