Marlboro Chorus
"Youth Medium"

(Future Appletree Records 2004)Marlboro Chorus - Youth Medium

In some curious way, Marlboro Chorus offer the faint memory of folkies gone glam band T. Rex. At certain points on their album, "Youth Medium," Marlboro Chorus turns their music into a combination of pounding folk melodies and quirky rock. But more than anything, Marlboro Chorus are left to themselves and the musical beast which they have created. The campy, thumping rock beast they created.

The album's title track and "The Black Iron Prisoner" clamor brightly, grabbing your attention with the upbeat and whimsical sounds while slow thumping bass puts rhythm into the otherwise somber "Those Shoes." The quirky sound falls flat, however, on "Takin' A Ride" as falsetto vocals cannot manage to save the hip swinging danceable tune. Acoustic guitars pound away on "Dark America" as instrumentation quietly thunders in the background as the full sounding "The Incredible Journey (Revealed)." Bells jingle on the quieter "Your Lover's Ghost" while a gentle melody adds a soft tone to "Don't Sweat the Fallout." A bass riff adds that something extra to "Everything Good" as the low key tune gently works up to a fuller ending.

Fun and just a little bit different, you have to give Marlboro Chorus credit for trying. While the pop wannabe sound of their songs makes "Youth Medium" into a clean cut 70s instrumental throw back, the band quietly edge their way towards something a bit more daring. Marlboro Chorus teach a good lesson: sounding upbeat does not always mean just that.


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