Megan Slankard Band
"A Little Extra Sun"

(Self-Released 2005)Megan Slankard Band - A Little Extra Sun

Still riding high on the wave of awareness and interest that an appearance on a television makeover show brought her in the summer of 2004, 20-something singer/songwriter Megan Slankard is courageously pushing forward with her musical career. But instead of releasing a third full-length album to add to her independently released catalogue, Slankard has instead opted for "A Little Extra Sun," a five-track EP that attempts to show a more serious and mature side.

Smooth and light, "My Hallelujah" rides on swirling instrumentation and harmonies while "Sails" is equally gentle with a less forward sound that pulls back and relies on Slankard's vocal hook on the chorus. Blending an understated country sound into the quick rhythm of "Planets," Slankard plays with the song's dynamics as they build and fall with her voice. Slankard completely shakes things up with a relatively grittier instrumentation sound as she sings word after word on the verbose verses of the upbeat "Riley."

Following her poppy and catchy 2004 sophomore album, "Freaky Little Story," Slankard seems to abandon the sound that got her attention in favor of something that ends up being far less interesting. "A Little Extra Sun" is another easy listening rock recording that fits comfortably into the conservative adult contemporary genre. Unfortunately, the focus is rarely on Slankard's vocals as she fights with the instrumentation and ultimately ends up blending into too much.


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