(3 Entertainment/Red Ink 2006)Mellowdrone - Box

Light melodies dominate Mellowdrone's "Box," twinkling infectiously as they make a strong impression on you despite their cool demeanor. Electronic pop puts a sleek and sexy finish on "Box" while rich vocal harmonies take a chance. Part a reaction to guitarist Tony DeMatteo's near fatal car crash and his subsequently being in a coma for four days, followed by months of rehabilitation, "Box" rocks with an ethereal feel that is dreamy and frivolous while retaining a bit of seriousness.

Full instrumentation crashes and thunders on "C'mon Try A Little Bit" as, seductively, guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Bates repeats the title in a low whisper. Upbeat pounding leads on tracks like "Oh My" and "Whatever The Deal." Meanwhile, Mellowdrone come across strong with less aggressive tracks, such as the down low thumping of "Four Leaf Clover," the rambling guitar of the smooth "Fuck It Man," and the undeniably catchy syncopated melody of "Fashionably Uninvited." Skillfully combining their sounds, Mellowdrone starts quietly on "Beautiful Day" before unexpectedly opting for full volume as static crunches through the crashing instrumentation. Offering an edgy and sinister tone, "And Repeat" creeps up, slowly wrapping itself around you like a boa constrictor as Bates sings, "I'd honesty slam my hand in a car door to shut you up."

Mellowdrone give you a little bit of everything on "Box," letting you shake your body to thumping melodies one moment and sing along with Bates' smooth vocals the next. Strong throughout and infectious at points, "Box" is consistent and strong.


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