Memphis Radio Kings
"The Devil's Dutchman"

(Hot Stack Records 2004)Memphis Radio Kings - The Devil\'s Dutchman

The Memphis Radio Kings are as much country as they are rock 'n' roll as they alternate between the sounds on "The Devil's Dutchman" and blend them together. The band's sophomore album, "The Devil's Dutchman" is a collection of the Memphis Radio Kings' brand of pop songs and stories set to fuller music.

Early on, the Memphis Radio Kings show what they can do. It is the difference between songs such as "God as my Waitress" and "Shackle and Chain." "God as my Waitress" is a quirky, light number whereas "Shackle and Chain" is deeper, more serious and with a lilting accent reminding of "Strawberry Fields" before turning the song to quick gospel. The band also works in the classic sounds: "Holy Rollers" is easy country as "25 will get you 10" and "Venture to Guess" are gritty rock.

Castanets click and harmonies swell on "ATF" as Memphis Radio King Charlie Beck reveals he is "taking out my aggression with alcohol, tobacco, and firearms" while on the soft-shoe ready "Hittin' on the Queen," Beck sings "the music of the masses makes me want to burn the stages." The Memphis Radio Kings come across well on tracks like "Double Line" with a straight forward and polished sound.

With a little bit of everything mixed in, "The Devil's Dutchman" does not stray as The Memphis Radio Kings show they can do it all. Strong instrumentation and vocals lead the album even when it slows, making for a smooth flowing sound.


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