Men In Fur
"Men In Fur"

(Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records 2003)Men In Fur - Men In Fur

Pennsylvania based band Men In Fur describe their music as "primitive new wave songs about animals." Indeed, the band's self-titled album is a collection of thirteen songs focusing on birds, bees, bears, salmon and other wildlife. The ultra soft vocals over gentle acoustic and electronic melodies create a calm, serene setting that occasionally throws in some rhythms to set your fingers tapping along.

Clean, up beat melodies pop on "Elisa" and "The Birds & the Bees," are delivered in a perky, feel good tone and manner. Instrumentals vary from "The Lonely Bear," whose understated but rich instrumentation makes for a strong result, to "The Deer Song," where low beats dominate and are accentuated with claps and high pitched pulses before the instrumental segues into lyrics without changing tracks. "When animals and people got along,/When birds taught children how to sing their songs," sing smooth female vocals on "The Shepherd Song," conveyed with a fresh softness reminding of Petula Clark. Keyboards shriek a catchy melody over drum machines tapping their rhythms on the childlike "The Tiger Song."

Quite frankly, Men In Fur are a bit odd. PETA beware. The quirky album seems better fare for children than adults, who will likely find the sensitive music a bit creepy. Perhaps this kind of clean-cut, positive music went out of style in the 1960s, but Men In Fur seem dedicated, sticking to the theme until the end.