"Live It Out"

(Last Gang Records 2005)Metric - Live It Out

In following up their 2003 debut, Metric seem to be all about guitar rock, specifically early 90s indie guitar rock. The band's sophomore effort, "Live It Out," is a danceable take on that scene. Driven by soft vocals and catchy melodies, Metric's album "Live It Out" is a guilt-free way to indulge in pop.

Vocalist Emily Haines' delicate vocals blend well with the soft echoing melody of "Empty" before it unexpectedly becomes a thrashing rock tune driven on Haines' sugary pop vocals crying "shake your head it's empty." A catchy guitar riff drives "Glass Ceiling," squealing over the rhythmic instrumentation while the quick moving "Handshakes" reminds ever so slightly of Sonic Youth, with Haines' half-bored sounding vocals becoming lively as she mimics ambulance sirens. Similarly, "Monster Hospital" clamors loudly with memorable noise rock as "Patriarch On A Vespa" lets aggressive instrumentation envelope Haines' dainty vocals. Floating on a soft melody, "Too Little Too Late" falls into the middle of the road while "Ending Start" swirls around, seemingly flying on a soft waltz. 80s dance pop thumps on "Poster Of A Girl" as the song ends in detached French lyrics and bubbles mildly on the clean sounding "Police And The Private."

In the end, Metric's "Live It Out" is perky and poppy, pleasing to the ear and fun albeit it lacking in originality. Metric deliver on tight instrumentation and memorable hooks that drive their songs and make them what they are. No doubt the band's next release will tell if they are here to stay as "Live It Out" has certainly given them a strong foothold for the future.


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