Midnight Movies
"Lion The Girl"

(New Line Records 2007)Midnight Movies - Lion The Girl

Get ready to turn on, tune in and drop out to Midnight Movies' sophomore full-length album "Lion The Girl." The band's buzzing low melodies border on droning as they wash over you and send you into a psychedelic state of mind. Incorporating both the light and the dark into their sound, Midnight Movies balance dynamics and sounds while still engaging listeners.

Midnight Movies want to let you get a little bit of everything just from their first track. "Souvenirs" journeys from a slow drone to a quick moving twinkling melody to a minimalist sound. Vocalist Gena Olivier steps outside of her near monotone style delivery to stretch her vocals on "Hide Away" while the band revisits their recent "Patient Eye/Golden Hair" single with the mesmerizing and dreamy sounds of "Patient Eye." On "24 Hour Dream," a pounding rhythm sets things moving before both a bass line and a keyboard part sneak up on you from behind without warning and electric guitar adds some extra texture. Elsewhere, rhythm and melody mingle on "Parallel Paramour" as Olivier's voice counteracts the heavy drumming and buzzing guitar solo.

Having hinted at what "Lion The Girl" would sound like by way of their single "Patient Eye/Golden Hair," Midnight Movies deliver everything they promised and everything that you would expect. "Lion The Girl" is a buzzing soundtrack to faraway worlds as it gently makes its mark without pushing too hard. Instead, you can sit back and let the music of Midnight Movies wash over you.


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