Miles To Dayton
"A Long Way Back"

(Self-Released 2005)Miles To Dayton - A Long Way Back

The debut full-length release from Miles To Dayton, "A Long Way Back," is smooth and gentle music that offers you safety and security with its tender harmonies and its conventional acoustic folk rock sound. Adding the rich sound of cello to the instrumental mix, Miles To Dayton, who are from Long Island, New York, create music that is light and airy while still infusing engaging rhythms.

Bright instrumentation gives an extra kick to "Hero for another day" before "A New Song" takes things down a few notches with its low, dragging tone. Light and wispy, "I'm Sorry" is textured and strongly conveys emotion. Miles to Dayton hint at being an easy listening version of the Dave Matthews Band on tracks like "Green Light Go" and "Therapy" as quick rhythms drive the melodies while vocalist Krista March slows things down with long notes. Meanwhile, the stripped down ballad "Letter, to you and me" focuses more on March's voice, including some hit-or-miss vocalizing, as cello fills the voids on "Tiny Miracles," a fragile but well orchestrated ballad.

With music that is equally smooth and quiet, Miles To Dayton's songs on "A Long Way Back" come across as relaxing and unassuming, at times too much so. "A Long Way Back" plays so easily that it sometimes fails to engage, asking very little from the listener and goes on without you. But in terms of "A Long Way Back" being a debut album, Miles To Dayton have well established both their sound and their identity.


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