Ming and Ping
"Causeway Army"

(Self-Released 2008)Ming and Ping - Causeway Army

Twin brothers Ming & Ping have a flair for the creative and the artistic. From their album covers to their very music, everything has been carefully styled. But while their music might be meticulously constructed, Ming & Ping are deceptively low key in their creations if you strip away the full bodied electronic melodies. On "Causeway Army," the brothers' third album, they continue their brand of light electronic music with synthesizers tapping out those perky melodic beats.

The upbeat "Legends of Nothing" speeds away, catching your ear with its melody as does "Dark Days," which benefits from the chorus' understated vocal harmony. Ming & Ping offer perhaps the most poppy version of themselves on the bouncy, sugary goodness of "Electricity." A touch of Asian flair comes through on the chiming melody of opening track "Dream Of Pop" as quick synths race behind the more leisurely paced vocals on "Sleep Now." A soft melody betrays an unlikely optimism that contrasts the loneliness of "Beautiful Things" while, similarly, "Duotone" offers spacey twinkles.

Ming & Ping's electronic pulses echo like Morse code that needs no decoding to be understood. With the slightest flick of their wrists, the brothers' electronic instrumentation can go from lighter than air pops to speeding percolation to lonesome thuds. Lucky for the duo, their light, near monotone vocals can swing in nearly any direction to suggest the proper emotion. In the end, it is that lack of soulfulness which is the only thing hindering Ming & Ping's otherwise focused and well executed album.


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