Ming and Ping

(Omega Point Records 2004)Ming and Ping - MingPing.com

If there is one thing that music has shown us it is that having siblings in the same band usually leads to friction. But with twins Ming and Ping, their resulting music is anything but aggressive or full of hostility. In fact, on one of the studio outtakes ("How About This One") on "MingPing.com," the Hong Kong born twins discuss their music in a disappointingly friendly fashion: "Hey, brother, Ming, what do you think of this one?" "Oh, that's pretty good."

Quick, airy numbers like "A.I." and the upbeat "Unbelievable" are part light and spacey with another part digital, futuristic, and electronic. A cover of Coldplay's "Yellow" puts some energy into the song for an extremely likable result as is the plucky melody of "The Bright Sunlight." Drum beats crash and pulses beep on "Mission Control" while "Love" is a carnival of light twinkling. Ming & Ping add some weight to their airy music for "Jealousy" and "A Note To Myself," getting away, slightly, from their upbeat synth pop sound for something a bit different as the quick "City Lies" shows a lyrically driven side.

Ming & Ping know how to write a strong melody and then surround it with twinkling pulses and beats without taking away from the original idea. Likewise, they maintain their synth pop sensibilities throughout, even when taking a chance. "MingPing.com" encompasses what our computer oriented age should -- there are benefits to be gained from technology that do not need to be complicated.